Sr.No. Type of Fee and Charges Rs.
1. Admission Fees, Tution Fee and Hostel Rent
i) Admission Fee(One time payable at the time of admission 250=00
ii) Tution Fee(Payable in the beginning of each semester) 1500=00
iii) Hostel Rent(Payable in the beginning of each semester for Hostelers only)
Total 2350=00
2. Student Welfare Funds(Payable One Time only)
A Institution Charges
i) Identity Card (Rs. 100 shall be charged for Duplicate) 50=00
ii) Institutional Security(Refundable) 1000=00
iii) Library Security(Refundable) 500=00
iv) Corpus Fund(To be charged annually) 20=00
Total 1570=00
B Annual Charges
i) Annual Festival/Cultural Charges 200=00
ii) Magazine Fee 100=00
iii) NCC Charges(Only where NCC facility is available) 100=00
iv) Premium for Group Insurance 115=00
Total 515=00
C Half Yearly Charges(Per Semester)
i) Library Fee 200=00
ii) Medical Fee 100=00
iii) Examination Fee(Internal Exams) 300=00
iv) Computer Fee 1000=00
v) Industrial Visit Charges 150=00
Total 2250=00
D Hostel Charges(Per Semester)
i) Hostel Security(Refundable) 1500=00
ii) Sports & Cultural Fund 150=00
iii) Electricity & Water Charges 600=00
iv) Maintenance Charges 750=00
v) Medical Charges 100=00
vi) Development Fund 500=00
Total 3600=00
Grand Total 10285=00